the trampoline jumping game

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  • About

    Tramp Jumper is a simple trampoline game, simple controls make the game easy to learn.

  • YouTube Clip : Tramp Jumper
  • Points

    The object of the game is to get points – as many as possible. Points may be gained by doing tricks – somersaults, pikes, tucks, or star jumps. Bonus points are gained by somersaulting and then performing the other actions.


    Jill the primary character is free. Subsequent characters may be purchased for a small fee, which all have slightly different characteristics.

    • Stickman - a character whose body image is the result of a poor diet
    • Granny - she might be old, but see her spin!
    • Ninja Nancy - sleek, silent, skillfull (and other words starting with s....)
    • Chubby Boy - just an average geek trying to have some fun.
  • Achievements

    There are over 100 achievements to try to get.

    Good luck, good bouncing.