Privacy Policy for BC Spies & MVWords
version 1.0 of BC Spies & all Beta Versions of MVWords

Respecting Your Privacy
These games are intended primarily for 9-11 year old children, with this in mind this privacy policy is targeted to the parents of the targeted players.

Collection & Use of personal Information
These games do not access any personal information on the device it is running upon. (including but not limited to: name, location, age, address, contacts, web site caches).

Device Functions Accessed
These games does not use any other function of the device except the screen (for display and input), and the speaker ( for sounds and background music).

Device Communications
These games do not access or communicate any information over the internet. These games do not access Facebook or Twitter, nor share content with any other APP on the same device, nor do they communicate information to any other device.

Stored Data
These games only stores data generated within the game upon the device, which is not accessible by any other application, and may only contain private information if such information was input. These games only store saved game information with tags that the user has input.

Further Questions
Any questions relating to privacy can be sent via this email link.