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Bible Reference

Book of Numbers, Chapter 13 to 14:10

BC Spies for iPad

Have you read the story in the Bible when the Israelites escaped from Egypt under Moses' leadership and Gods guidance? After they left Egypt they walked the desert for 40 years to the land God promised them - the Promised Land. Before they took posession of the land,12 spies,  one from each tribe was selectd and sent into the land God promised them to report back to the rest of the people.

This game, is my adaptation of that event. Spies are sent into a strange land to spy it out.

At times the player controls from 1 to 3 spies, searching out objectives in the form of food, clothing, and other items. The mission, is to find objects, cover the land and report back. Being seen is definitely not the objective. Avoiding being seen is very important.

When a spy is discovered, the player is presented with a choice, do you,

      • fight
      • flee
      • recruit
      • trust God
      • trust your disguise
      • or surrender


Specific features of 'BC Spies':

• iPad Only
 • Over 20 levels
• Control of up to 3 spies
• Levels larger than screen size

• Simple clean graphics

• 12 different spies
• 3 types of soldiers

• 7 types of locals
• No ads...
• No additional purchases

Screen Shots