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We at Rodzina are committed to developing applications for fun and practical use for the whole family. We love seeing what we have created being used for fun and work. We are experienced, being in the APP software development arena for over 5 years.

In the past few years we have developed quite a variety of APPS, from MarketFinder & MarketFinderTassie, two APPS that displayed information and location about arts and craft markets, to CPR Assist - an APP designed to assist medical professionals, to simple arcade games - QuackShooter and Pigeon Revenge, to complex space games - GalaxyStar.
We also dabbled in educational games - PlanetSeeker.

Have a game idea, drop us a line, we could help you make your idea come to life.

Rodzina? Curious about the name. Well it means family in Polish. That's our philosophy, to produce software for the family.